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MMORPG-Life.com is a network site dedicated to massively multiplayer games with the aim to give you the best online gaming resources on the web. In addition to providing the latest MMO information, we produce MMO news, guides, databases, informative editorials, community features, and much more.

MMORPG Life network was founded in 2008 and over time has grown to include the following websites
  • Swtor Spy – is one of the largest SWTOR fansites that covers SWTOR guides, walkthroughs, database, and news. We reach over 800 000 gamers online with 3 million pageviews monthly.
  • Guild Wars 2 Life – This site has been created with the intent to support the Guild Wars 2 community by providing GW2 news, guides and database, to over 450,000 GW2 players and have over 1.5 million page views per month..
  • Aion Life – source of information for the Aion players with complete quests database, guides, and news, with more than 200,000 monthly visitors, and over 700 000 page views.
  • DCUO Life – delivers high quality content – news and comprehensive guides with screenshots to over 200,000 DCUO players and have over one million page views per month.


MMORPG Life new projects:
  • Wildstar Life – source of information for the Wildstar players with interactive maps, quests and items database, guides, and news
  • Teso Life – covers The Elder Scrolls Online news and insights into the Tamriel


Traffic Overview
  • Unique Visitors: 1.7 million visitors per month
  • Page Views: 6,5 million page views per month
  • Audience Demographics: 18-35 year old – 80%


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