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Jan 23 2010

Double XP weekend – wooooo!

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If you are reading this post – you are doing it wrong! You should be in-game leveling your little hearts out. I personally brought along my bad ass lvl 36 gladiator wife to Eracus Temple and got two blues, several greens and loads of kinah and a level within a couple of hours. The leveling feels almost too fast. Maybe permanent 3/4 increase of XP? I bet the guys at NCSoft can calculate what would be ideal XP curve to see all the content and not skip any areas.

In any case, since you are reading this article you may as well go over to the official site and read the Eye on community article featuring some Aion related artwork. I just wanted to add to this by linking the image below. Enjoy your Double XP weekend!

OOC – About Long Hair by *canadian-rainwater on deviantART

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