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Aug 03 2011

New Aion Pet – Worg of the Dead

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Aion team announced today new auto-looting pet – Worg of Dead, which can be purchased in Aion Store

Worg of the Dead
Worg of the Dead_1
Worg of the Dead_3


It’s not cuddly, but this snarling bundle of claws and fangs will be your new best friend. The Worg of the Dead might be undead, blood-soaked, and look as if it could eat other pets for breakfast, but it’s got more than just its awesome good looks. Your loyal worg will automatically loot your kills for you, so you’ll never overlook a spellbook or a dagger again.

After your purchase, you can apply your new pet to each character on your account. Then after you log in to the game, your character will receive a pet egg in the in-game express mail. Your character needs to visit the appropriate Daeva for your race (Amis in Sanctum or Erdil in Pandaemonium) to then adopt your new pet.

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