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News: LOTRO: Siege of Mirkwood Trailer

New The Lord of the Rings Online trailer for the upcoming digital expansion Siege of Mirkwood .
Under the command of Celeborn and Galadriel, players will fight through vast armies of Orcs alongside the Elves of Lorien in a battle that will take…

24/7 GM support for Aion coming very soon

Aion team has finally responded to the in-game petition about better GM support. As Ayase has announced it’s coming very soon. We hope this will solve some major problems particularly those related to gold spammers.

For those of you using in-game petitioning – We will have 24/7 GM support very soon.


Aion recent bannings

We wrote about recent Aion massive gold sellers banning, but unfortunately some players have been affected as well. If you found yourself unable to log and you are 100% sure you have not been involved with any activity that would violate Aion User Agreement (never botted, buy or sell gold, never powerleveled, changed files), then you should contact Aion Customer Support team at Support | NCsoft who will be able to look into your case.

  1. Playing behind a proxy/ping modifier service (generally where an ip range has been banned)
    Playing behind a proxy in itself is not against the User Agreement and would not be a basis for ban.
  2. Playing for too long at a time.
    This would not be basis for ban as it is not against the User Agreement either.
  3. Changing the .bin to .exe on the Aion.bin file.
    Changing the language pack to something other than the original language.
    These two items are technically violating the User Agreement, but when account suspension happens we generally look at a much wider array of variables.

I strongly suggest that you wait for a reply from Customer Support to find out exactly what was the reason in your case — and perhaps a review might reveal that the banning was wrongful.