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Korean Aion gets an IPhone app


Korean Aion players owning an Iphone have a chance of checking out their character and even do some Auction House trading on their phone. The application is called AionTem and you can purchase it for $4.99 at the appstore. It even has a monthly subscription of its own ($1.99).

Aion news digest

Since we haven’t been posting for a few days (some sweet family affairs to take care of) here’s a compilation of the most important happenings in the Aion world (community and official alike).

The problem that removed the Right Click Block function from the game has been fixed. You can block your favorite kinah spammers once again (hooray).

Lobnite Cream Pasta is created in real life (what is that?) by the Aion community team. Full article with images can be found here.

The biggest official news is, of course, the banning of another 26000 confirmed bot accounts. Is that close to 50k banned in a week? If these numbers are correct, we can than assume that 5-10% of all accounts were bots, which is mind boggling. No wonder the community was pissed.

In community news … is doing a recording of their Episode 13 tonight and they will be interviewing Aion’s very own Tamat (Andrew Beegle). Make sure you check out their podcast once it’s posted on the site.

Thulf is back at his blog giving out handy tips to Aion players. This time he helps you create custom map markers. is holding the best MMORPG of 2009 vote on their site. There are several categories you can vote in and we encourage you all to partake. Aion seems to be leading in almost all categories (even the most disappointing category – which is contradictory – but meh … ).

Have fun Daevas and we hope we bring you our promised database update by Monday.

Official US: Lotro Quest Changes

Expedition: Lost in the Fray – This quest has been disabled for performance reasons. If you had the quest underway, you will need to cancel it to remove it from your log. Removing this quest does not impact any deeds in Mirkwood.