Monthly Archives: July 2011

Avengers and Spider-Man trailers leaked

The title of this article makes no sense to you? Let me explain. David Bass, SWTOR’s community manager, tweeted these two gems yesterday: OH MY GOD. Has anyone seen this leaked info that’s all over the web? About the Avengers and Spider-Man trailers?! Really excited to watch them, but I kind of feel like I […]

The Announcement

I am not sure how this skipped everyone’s radar, but this last Friday update, entitled “The Old Republic at Comic-Con“, said that there will be some sort of announcements at the show. Here’s the exact quote: This year is looking to be another big year for the event and both BioWare and LucasArts will be […]

My First (maybe last) Back-story

With so little real usable info about TOR since E3 I have gone to a place I did not expect to go. That is thinking of a back story for my main class when the game hits. I guess playing other mmo’s I have thought of the class I was playing to have a defined […]

Are We There Yet?

Wait, what’s that you say?  Another “probable release date” rumor is spreading like wildfire through the SWTOR forums?  Well then by golly, we need to spring to action and report on this!   Are we there yet????? The “report” that’s making the rounds currently goes a little something like this: We are officially moving the […]