Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Day BioWare Won

  There was one fear that every BioWare and Star Wars: The Old Republic fan had about the upcoming MMO. We knew that the game would have story. We knew that it would have quality. From all the footage we’ve seen, we knew that the game would have everything a modern MMORPG had to have. […]

SWTOR Pre Launch Guild Program Update

In a email that was sent to the community this afternoon by Bioware we learned that the Pre Launch Guild Program will be ending soon, here is the details from the news post located here. A few weeks ago we announced that Phase 3 of our Pre-Launch Guild Program had begun. Phase 3: Deployment allows […]

Galaxy’s Most Wanted: WeekendJedi

This week’s Most Wanted comes to us from the EU and has a brand spanking new baby boy to introduce to the world of Star Wars. He goes by the name WeekendJedi, but you can just call him Lee. What is your name and/or handle? Lee, @WeekendJedi on twitter Age 32 What is your occupation […]

Early Solo Play In TOR

  With the NDA lifted in TOR, I decided to take a big hit for the team and amassed around 70 hours of play time in the past week to get a good feel for the solo game-play.   First things first. Playing solo, or mostly solo, works very well. You will be faced with […]