Monthly Archives: December 2011

SWTOR Wins Game Of The Year At powered by IGN has released it’s video games of the year awards and SWTOR has been chosen by them as “MMO of the year for 2011″. While this is no surprise to us the fans that have followed SWTOR since it’s initial announcement over three years ago, there really was no question for us.  […]

What are your RP Resolutions?

((The RP XP with MJ #19)) Sergeant Wex folded his arms over his armored chest as he squinted against the bright Tythonian sky toward the Jedi temple. “Sir, how long do we have to wait here?” asked the corporal who joined him from the temporary Republic base a few clicks away. Wex shrugged. “Jedi are […]

TOR Lore: Server Explanations pt. 3

On December 20th Star Wars: The Old Republic finally officially went live. To make sure players experience as few queue times as possible they rolled out a bunch of new servers on launch day. Keeping with the tradition of the two previous articles you can find the lore explantion of all these new servers listed […]

CAD SWTOR Comic – The Gift Season

Ctrl-Alt-Del webcomic has been a favorite pass time of mine for many years now. The author, Tim Buckley, is a dedicated gamer and as such he started playing SWTOR lately. This has sprung up several SWTOR themed comics. I’m attaching his latest one here but I highly recommend you go over to his site and […]