Monthly Archives: January 2012

FRC Speaks Out Against Same-Sex Relationships in TOR

David Murphy at recently posted an article discussing statements made by Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. In his statement, the FRC president is speaking out against BioWares decision to include same-sex relationships in future content, and calls for supporters to head to the official forums and make their voices heard. For […]

1.1.0c Patch Note

If you head to the SWTOR forums today looking for an explanation as to why the servers were taken down for 5 and a half hours you will find only a single item in the patch notes.   Improved service to reduce the number of player disconnections to the player select screen.   Does this […]

Patch Coming Tommorow Morning

In a recent blog post BioWare announced that they will be taking the servers down early tomorrow morning (CST) in order to deploy a patch to deal with recent issues that some players have been experiencing. No word on what particular issues will be getting patched, or exactly what time the patch will be released, […]

Stephen Reid Talks Warzones, UI, Guild Banks and More With TOR-Talk

The good folks over at TOR-Talk recently had a chance to sit and talk with Stephen Reid, Community Manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic. During the interview Reid discussed the features highlighted in the recent “Coming to TOR” video, including upcoming legacy system features and UI customization. Important talk points include:   Confirmation that […]

A (Perma)Death in the Family

((The RP XP with MJ #23))   “I still don’t feel right about it, master. She’s young and impressionable,” the Zabrak Padawan muttered as he joined his master at the bottom of the ship’s boarding ramp. “You’ll get over it, Tarik. You’ll have to.” Master Kendris scratched the thatch of gray beard on his chin […]