Monthly Archives: January 2012

Zoeller Updates Players About Ability Delay Glitch

Georg Zoeller spoke to SWTOR players today about various Ability issues that player have been reporting lately.   Players have been reporting recently that they are experiencing a glitch where abilities that are on a global cooldown and appear available for use, which result in unresponsive or ignored player input. They are are reporting a […]

Ilum Exploits Will Be Delt With On An Individual Basis

Jeff Hickman spoke out today on the actions BioWare plans to take against players who were taking advantage of an exploit on Ilum when their recent update went live on Wednesday.   Instead of just doing a mass Valor rollback they plan on looking at player’s actions and dealing with them individually. Players who were […]

New Forum Features

In an effort to continue improving the community BioWare has implemented a couple new forum features that went live today.   The first feature is a Server Group Forums. While players have been calling for server specific forums from day one this is the closest BioWare has made available to players at this time. Servers […]

Tips for RPing Through the Grind

((The RP XP with MJ #22)) Ord Mantell was generally no place for a crazy Twi’lek girl, especially with all the territorial squabbling between the Republic and the unpredictably superior separatists, but that’s where Yulel ended up.   She waved to the Gand pilot and ducked out from under the hot vents of his ship’s […]