Monthly Archives: August 2012

Greg Zeschuk Leaves SWTOR, Stays in Bioware

There was a rumor floating around that one of the good doctors that founded Bioware has left after SWTOR layoffs in May. This has been denied by EA staff. Now, Eurogamer and Gamasutra are reporting that there was a change in roles, not as drastic as one of the founders leaving the company though. Dr. […]

Every Other Day

   SWTOR had regulare maintenance this Tuesday like almost every Tuesday since launch. They deployed a patch during this scheduled maintenance to fix some bugs and lower the level requirements for some legacy perks. Today is Thursday and they have maintenance again to fix the bugs they introduced with the patch they implemented on Tuesday. […]

Guest on SWATH Radio

   Several days ago, Crowley, from (home of a SWTOR podcast), sent a call out on twitter to all SWTOR fans and fansites to participate in a megacast to discuss the going “free to play” news. I wanted to participate in that discussion. If there were a lot of people with varying opinions it […]

Veteran rewards for Aion EU players

If you think that you have lost your hard earned Veteran rewards or exclusive items from the AION collector’s edition we have a great news for you! It’s only available for a limited time but you can transfer previous NCsoft shop purchases to your Gameforge account!

How it works?
1. Visit the Aion Shop
2.Click on Manage Bonuses to allocate your veteran rewards


Phase 1
Start: 06.08.2012
Duration: one month
All players with a transferred account get the chance to secure their items from the time before the transfer.
Phase 2
Start: TBD
Duration: TBD
Previously activated Gold Packs are transferred into Veteran rewards to reward new players for their loyalty too!