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The Next Two Weeks

  Gamescom and PAX Prime. Two of the biggest gaming conventions in the world that happen back to back and mark “the end” of big convention season. Two locations where Bioware traditionally releases the biggest announcements, or at least the most footage and information. It is also two weeks (and some change) before September when […]

A look-back At E3

If this was any other convention other than E3 I would be kind of pleased with what we got from the show. But this is not just another convention, this is E3 the biggest and most anticipated show of the year.   Even though nothing was promised we expected a banquet of information. What we […]

Live Blog E3 2011 Day 1

Breaking News First Gameplay video from E3 JAWA COMPANION Live stream of Tatooine with Daniel Erickson and Stephen Reid has started at this page (2:05PM PDT) Patrick Buechner Marketing VP of Bioware and Dr Ray Muzyka will be hitting the SWTOR booth stage in 15 minutes (via twitter)(11:50AM PDT) Click for full size  First official […]

EA Conference Live Blog

This concludes our live coverage of the EA Press Conference. We hope you enjoyed it. Keep a look out for more because we will have our very own SWTORCrafter reporting from the show floor starting tomorrow early morning. Here is the trailer that was shown at the EA press conference and that you can currently […]

Most Important SWTOR E3 Information For June 6.

The biggest Electronic Entertainement Expo in the world is only 24 hours away, yet things seem to have started already. Companies have already started their big pre-show press conferences and first major announcements will be made there. The most interesting conference for The Old Republic fans is the Electronic Arts conference that starts in roughly […]