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Screenshots, Wallpapers and Pure Awesome

Official SWTOR page on Facebook got 250.000 “likes” several weeks ago. In celebration of this milestone Bioware decided to start releasing “Image of the week”, Facebook exclusive screenshots and concept art from the game. The first three images were of Ord Mantell’s volcanic mountain ranges, a Zabrak Inquisitor and a screenshot from a warfront clash. […]

First screenshots of WoW: Cataclysm

Gamescom and Blizzcon have closed their doors. The flurry of news from last week is surely to subside for a while. At least until PaX (Penny Arcade Expo – Champions Online goes live there and I think Aion has something special planned as well).

Along with the big WoW announcement Blizzard released a bunch of new screenshots featuring the new classes and lands.

You can check the screens in our gallery after the break.