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Jul 26 2010

Why we do what we do – Finale

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About a year ago our son was just a 6 month old baby. We were giving him his bath and he was all wrapped up in his towel. I had the eeriest feeling, like having a Déjà vu. It then hit me, the little rascal looked exactly like a Jedi Knight. There was only the sound of the light saber being drawn that was missing. That was about the time the Deceived trailer got released as well and I thought to myself, if I ever do a Swtor fansite I’m gonna make a comic about my son looking like a Jedi Knight.

To a “normal” person this reasoning chain would probably sound silly or insane. But I think this is one crowd that exactly understands what its like seeing Jedi knights and princesses when looking at your loved ones.

And thus concludes our Swtor comic beginning. The future is sure to be exciting.

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