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Oct 20 2009

Aion little surprise as Veteran Rewards

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If you got an email about renewing your Aion subscription, don’t worry it’s not a spam. This is an official newsletter and all of us will get the veteran rewards during our 2nd month of Aion regardless of which version of the newsletter we have received.

Month 1 Veteran Rewards include:
• Inventory Expansion Ticket
• Exclusive Pop Legend Emote
• 4 Lodas Amulets
• 4 Revival Stones

We hope this will be Pop Legend Emote:

If you didn’t get the mail and if you want to get it in the future do the following steps:

1) Log in to your NCsoft Account pages
2) Go to Account Profile
3) Update Contact Information
4) Check the Newsletter checkbox

There will be more information about it on the website soon. The different versions of the newsletter are depending on some parameters and checkboxes of your Aion account. For the rewards it does not matter if you have already signed up for additional play time or you are about to so please don’t worry that you might miss out on something. Keep checking this page. It’s not very informative at the moment but it will be :)


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