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Jun 23 2010

Aion Server Merges

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The server merges will happen on Wednesday, July 7 2010. Everything on your characters will transfer with you, including items, equipment and Kinah. Items in the Legion warehouse will be transferred with the Legion Brigade General to his/her new server. Items you have on the broker will be transferred to the broker on your new server. Your legion will stay formed through the Legion Brigade General. All characters in the legion will remain so on the new server. Characters will keep their AP points. All Abyss Fortresses’ ownerships will be reset during the merge.

North America

  • Siel (West Coast) – merging Siel & Ariel
  • Vaizel Server (West Coast) – merging Vaizel, Kaisinel, Yustiel & Fregion
  • Israphel Server (East Coast) – merging Israphel, Lumiel & Marchutan
  • New Zikel Server (East Coast) – merging Zikel, Triniel, Azphel & Meslamtaeda
  • Nezekan Server (Oceanic) – No Change


  • Spatalos Server (ENG) – merging Spatalos & Gorgos
  • Telemachus Server (ENG) – merging Telemachus & Castor
  • Perento Server (ENG) – merging Perento, Kahrun & Kalil
  • Kromede Server (GER) – merging Kromede & Votan
  • Thor Server (GER) – merging Thor & Nerthus
  • Balder Server (GER) – merging Balder& Lephar
  • Urtem Server (FRA) – merging Urtem & Vidar
  • Suthran Server (FRA) – merging Suthran, Arbolu & Deltras

Q: What happens to my Elyos character if I already have an Asmodian on the new server (or vice versa)?
A: After the merge, we will be having a period of time where both Asmodian and Elyos characters on a single account are playable on the same server. This is being done to ensure all players can find the appropriate homes for their characters. We will be offering free unlimited transfers for characters from July 8th through August 18th and encourage all players to make use of this service to get their characters settled into the right server homes. At a date in the future, we will be turning race restriction back on and you will no longer be able to play both races on one server. At this point, any accounts that have a race conflict on a server will be asked to choose a playable race for that server, and the opposing race (not chosen) will be unplayable until they are transferred to a non-race conflicting server.

Q: What happens to my account warehouse if I have opposing races merged onto the same server?
If you have both races on a single server after the merge; each race will have separate account warehouses.

Q: What will happen to my abyss rank?
A: Abyss Ranks will be recalculated 24 hours after the server merges happen, taking into account a character’s current AP on the new, merged server. This means that if you were of Army Governor rank on your old server, but merged with another server whose Army Governor was higher in AP than you, you will no longer be an Army Governor.


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