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Sep 28 2009

Aion vs Bots, Spammers and Hackers

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If you want to help Aion team to keep the servers bots-free keep them reporting. Aion GM team has been very busy lately and working on becoming quicker and more responsive. To report a bot just use /AutoHuntingReport.

Also if you are tired of spammers and want to avoid their whispers type /anon in chat.

Another problem are hackers. If you get any e-mail with message like this one delete the email and not fall for this:

Someone at has reset your Aion Game Account password. To confirm this change please login and verify the changes here….

You should know that NCSoft will never ask you for your user account directly. In this case everything is a bit more confusing since they’re actually copying NCSoft login interface. Make sure that “secure.ncsoft.com” ALWAYS is the domain present up in the address bar when you’re logging into your user controls.

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