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Nov 15 2009

Asmodian level 37 done

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We just wanted to let you know that we have added another 200 quest image walkthroughs to our Aion quests database. This brings the total to somewhere around 1/3 of all in game quests covered with screenshot help. We stopped counting how many screenshots have been uploaded a long time ago but I would guess somewhere around 5000.

At the same time I would like to thank an anonymous visitor that told us about a bug in our search system. Apparently, searching for Asmodian quests only didn’t list quests that can be done by both Asmodians and Elyos (like the quest Putting Out Fires). If any of you come across stuff like this on the site please feel free to let us know through our Contact Us page or by posting a comment almost anywhere on the site :) .

We’re working diligently to put up the rest of the quests asap, but there’s only a few of us playing and Aion has a hard leveling curve so it takes time. Leveling while taking screenshots takes twice as much time it would take to level without screenshots, but we want to see this through and put up as many quests as possible from the whole game.

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