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Apr 16 2010

More veteran rewards revealed

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Those of you playing Aion regularly know about the Veteran Rewards program. It provides you with small item rewards for every consecutive month you have paid your Aion subscription. For 6 months of subscribing you get cool looking lvl 40 Wings. We didn’t know what were the rewards for subscribing past 6 months and that has been announced yesterday. For months 7,8,10 and 11 you get:

  • 5 Recovery Crystals
  • 5 Revival Stones
  • 1   Major Ancient Crown 

The interesting thing is the Crown which can be exchanged for Abyss points, currency used to get PvP gear. Check out the official wiki page of the crown for the location of NPCs that do the Abyss point exchange.

In case you are wondering, for month 9 you will get an Expand Warehouse Ticket along with the aforementioned items – hoarders rejoice! For a years worth of subscription we are expecting something spectacular!

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