Monthly Archives: December 2009

Chicks play WoW in nude (at least one does)


I know this is just a publicity stunt, but I just couldn’t resist reporting about it. IGN reports about a certain lady named Adrianne Curry (seems to be some sort of celebrity – married to one of the Brady Bunch actors and appeared in one of the reality shows – loves modeling in nude it seems as well) that caused a bit of a stir among gamers of the world by exclaiming that she plays WoW in nude … and posting an image to prove it. The image above shows her WoW char (she seems to be a Star Wars fan as well).

We are providing the image that caused the stir below the break, so that we keep our Safe for work tag 🙂

News: LOTRO Hardware Upgrade

As Sapience has announced LOTRO will soon receive a significant hardware upgrade that will improve the performance and capacity of the game worlds. Bullroarer is the first server with the new hardware upgrade and if you would like to test it, the…

Quests database updated to 1.5.1 data


It took us a while but we finally updated our quests database with patch 1.5.1 data. I tried explaining to the developers that there is a deadline and that they are way past it, but all I got as the response was the above image. The fact that I am the developers and that I was exchanging post-it notes with myself did not help the situation one bit. I hope that the updated information will help you though.

There is a bug with the quest reward items currently and it should be fixed in the next couple of hours. We all hope that future releases will be much faster and smoother and we hope you enjoy the new data.