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Official US: Lotro Welcome Back Weekend

Turbine has announced today new Welcome Back Weekend, from December 17th through December 21st. During this period you can play your old characters for free* and get +10% Bonus XP on Mob kills and experience Siege of Mirkwood! Plus, if you come back…

How to resurrect yourself at the current spot?


After 20 levels of beautiful and friendly PvE zones, my first contact with PvP zone wasn’t very successful. No mater if you die because of a monster or unfriendly Asmodian/Elyos hand, the result is the same – you are dead. Usually you can resurrect immediately at obelisk spot, but it is much more convenient to be resurrect by someone at the current spot, so you don’t have to run all the way back. If you cannot find anyone to resurrect you within 30 minutes you have to use your obelisk resurrection.

But how to resurrect yourself at the current spot?

There are two stones that will resurrect you at the current location: Reviving Elemental Stone and Tombstone of Revival. The first one you can only get as a quest reward and the second one can be bought at Abbys for 500 Abyss Points at Consumable Items Contributor Deucalion (for Elyos).

Aion1172 Aion1173

Note: After being resurrected with any of these stones you’ll still have the death penalty effect.

The following quests have Reviving Elemental Stone as a reward:



Korean Aion players get married


Aion’s official Korean site announced that a couple of Aion players got married last week. The couple met in-game during the Korean beta phase and after three years got hitched. Korean Aion community extended their congratulations on 6 pages of comments along with the Korean community managers. Whether they did some PvP in the Abyss during their wedding night or something else remains undisclosed *wink wink nudge nudge*.

News spotted @ MMO Site
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