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Aionsource is safe

I just wanted to followup on the article we wrote a few days ago when Aion Source got some security issues.

Several popular Aion fansites, technology and gaming blogs, and places we all visit have been under attack lately from hackers. The most recent attempts ranging from the massive tech website TechCrunch, to right here at home on your favorite Aion fansites may have left sensitive data on your PC vulnerable.

AionSource was targeted along with these other sites beginning at 5pm on January 24th and was completely cleared up by 5:20pm. 6 hours later after we cleared the site of the breach, Google flagged AionSource as an “attack site” due to the small window where the breach took place. We appealed and were removed from this “attack site” list shortly after once Google verified we were clear.

You can read the complete announcement here.

Aion Maintenance brings a small patch

Aion servers are going down for maintenance today at 3:00 a.m. PST (11:00 a.m. GMT). A small number of fixes will be applied and the game version will change to The fixes are:


  • Divine Fortress timer has been changed from 120 minutes to 110 minutes to fix a bug where medals were distributed twice


  • Fixed – Expansion issue with Greater Stigma Slot
  • Fixed – Regional issue with the Mail System that prevented some users mail from reaching the recipient

Community Manager day – gief hugz

Browsing Twitter for news can provide unexpected results sometimes. Apparently, today is Community Manager day according to sera_brennan@Twitter ( editor) and these articles 1 and 2.

Whether this is just another one of those made up days or not I would like to give a shout out to Aion’s community team. Whether you’re a fanboy or a hater the guys work their best and deserve a hug. Make sure to send one out on Twitter to:

Ayase (UK Community Manager)
Tamat (NA Community Manager)
Amboss (DE Community Manager)
Arathaur (FR Community Manager)

Funny Pictures

Aion Source having a bit of trouble

If you play Aion you surely know of, home of the biggest English speaking Aion community. Today they seem to have been having some trouble with their servers and it even seems that Google and Firefox flagged as a possible threat to security.

Not to worry though, AS people started working on it right away and the threat was removed right away. Google is also not reporting the site as being dangerous anymore, which confirms the site is safe yet again.

We’ll try and get more details about the whole thing from Aion Source staff but for now I leave you with what Cynic, AionSource main guy, posted several hours ago:

Sorry about the slow reply, our guys were looking into it.

Long story short someone managed to sneak a malicious little file onto our servers that started popping iframes everywhere, obviously related to (removed for safety).

It’s been dealt with accordingly…