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Double XP weekend – wooooo!

If you are reading this post – you are doing it wrong! You should be in-game leveling your little hearts out. I personally brought along my bad ass lvl 36 gladiator wife to Eracus Temple and got two blues, several greens and loads of kinah and a level within a couple of hours. The leveling feels almost too fast. Maybe permanent 3/4 increase of XP? I bet the guys at NCSoft can calculate what would be ideal XP curve to see all the content and not skip any areas.

In any case, since you are reading this article you may as well go over to the official site and read the Eye on community article featuring some Aion related artwork. I just wanted to add to this by linking the image below. Enjoy your Double XP weekend!

OOC – About Long Hair by *canadian-rainwater on deviantART

Latest Aion Fashion Details

We’ve recently received an interesting e-mail with a pretty large attachment. This one comes to us from Freestyle along with a quick description: Have you seen the latest fashion?

Aion1108 Aion1109 Aion1309
Aion1418 Aion1562 Aion1614

If you have some interesting moments to share with us, just e-mail us at , along with your name and we will post them out here and give you the credit.

Aion Firefox extension released

Aion Firefox plugin image Nicki Faulk of the Aion Fanlisting fame used some great programming skills to help the Aion community. Presenting a unique plug-in for those of you using Firefox to browse the internet – Aionfox. After installing this plug-in you’ll get a new menu in your browser with shortcuts to all things Aion related. The plugin is localized for NA (US), UK, DE, and FR NCsoft sites and works with Firefox 1.0-3.5.* . It is still in the experimental phase, but I’ve been testing it for weeks now without a problem so I can recommend it to everyone. You can find and install the plugin at the official Firefox add-ons page:

You might also want to checkout her iGoogle widget that shows the current Aion server status on your iGoogle page (or any website for that matter). The widget and JavaScript code can be found at :

On a related note, a new iPhone app for Aion was released yesterday: “Aion U” by Lovellasoft. It’s a simple character lookup app, but hopefully it will evolve with more features. (News tip by Nicki Faulk as well – what can I say – she’s a champ!).

NCSoft security troubles summed up

We received some feedback on this particular post and I wanted to clarify a few things concerning NCWest security.

There are discussions on Aion Source forums and other Aion related forums and websites about the recent wave of hacked game accounts by the gold selling companies and what NCSoft is doing about it. There is a vocal group of people on these sites and forums blaming NCSoft for having their accounts hacked (or their friends’ accounts hacked). In one of these I came across the strip published below and found it to be very humorous. Here’s why. I find it absolutely ridiculous that it would be possible in any way to have the security so severely breached in a multi-million dollar company like NCSoft. That’s why I posted it under the humor category.

In theory there would be two points of entry for hackers to access your account data. In theory they could hack into NCSoft’s site and get the data from there. Without going into much detail I find this idea so ridiculous it amuses me. I’ve been in much smaller companies than NCSoft and that idea would be ridiculous even there.

The other point of entry are players themselves. They download something onto their computer, visit a site promising them easy leveling, browse an “underground forum” promising them inside secrets of the game or click a link in an email that looks like it comes from some official source. What you get is a program or a Trojan that keylogs you and gets your private information. To paraphrase Tamat, in almost all cases the reason for compromised accounts is RMT related activity initiated by the players themselves.

Occam’s razor (the simplest explanation or strategy tends to be the best one) guides us to one simple conclusion:

There are no security breaches in NCSoft and they are certainly working very hard to prevent one from ever happening.

I would suggest you all rather read Scott Jennings’ article that describes the steps you can take to protect your computer and account from being compromised.

We, at Aion Life, will also try and join the fight against RMT in our own way. We hope we’ll be able to make some sort of announcement concerning this in the next 10 days.

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