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Seven videos from SWTOR Comic Con panel

Finally we can see and hear for ourselves what it was like at the San Diego Comic Con this year. Sean Dahlberg tweeted about a thread on the official forums that holds all the links to the youtube videos. We thank Lukery for posting these links in this thread on the forums. Enjoy!

News: Lotro Beta Journals

Turbine has started a new feature – Lotro Beta Journals, for all Lotro players who didn’t get a chance to participate in the beta. Each week Beta participants can share their thoughts on a given topic with the entire LOTRO Community.
Running a…

Silentera Canyon new Aion 2.0 instance

Silentera Canyon is a new 53 – 55 level instance with entire map dedicated to it. It’s an underground corridor connecting Gelkmaros and Inggison shared by Elyos and Asmodians. Players may enter the opposing race’s region through Silentera Canyon. Silentera Canyon contains three exits to each race’s region. The instanced dungeon Beshmundir Temple is in Silentera Canyon. Kisk installation is not permitted inside Silentera Canyon.

If a race conquers both fortresses in their own region, a gate to the Silentera Canyon opens. When the Elyos conquer both fortresses in Inggison, Silentera Eastgate opens. When the Asmodians conquer both fortresses in Gelkmaros, Silentera Westgate opens. A system message announces when the gate opens, and an icon appears on the map.


Silentera Canyon Map Blackclaw Scolopen Brown Arachna Jotun Deathweaver Jumping Kalgolem Laksyaka High Magus

News: The Reputation System on Lotro Forums

During the last few weeks I have noticed a lot of new Lotro players. New players seem to be confused by the official forum’s Reputation System and all it involves. Lotro Life to the rescue with this little guide about the official forums’ Reputation…

News: Lotro F2P Beta Key on Mmorsel

Mmorsel and Turbine are giving you a chance to join the Lord of the Rings Online Free-To-Play Beta test. There are three ways to enter and 100 winners will be chosen via random drawing on Saturday, July 24th (5:00 p.m. Pacific/8:00 p.m. Eastern…