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Advanced classes details (*updated)

Character customization in SWTOR is also made possible through a concept called advanced classes. It is a specialization of your primary class into one of two paths. Today at GamesCom 2010 the working titles of all 16 advanced classes were revealed. They are: Smuggler Scoundrel (Stealth/Medicine; Burst ranged damage or healing) Gunslinger (Dual pistols, Quick […]

Images from the SWTOR GamesCom booth

You will be able to get some hands on gameplay with The Old Republic this year at the GamesCom convention in Cologne, Germany. The whole experience is divided into sections where you are taken through three introductory 15 minute videos, where you are given general information about the game and shown the Hope trailer. The […]

Live from Gamescom day 0

We just got a hold of the computer after the most exciting few hours ever! Advanced classes have been revealed! We got to play the game along with other members of the general public. We have gameplay videos. And we had a special treat. We met a lot of people from Bioware and even have […]

It never works …

We are going to Gamescom 2010 in about 8 hours. We love games. We love them so much that we actually made them our work. So, going to the largest gaming convention/trade fair in the world is no small thing for us. We want to see everything and talk to everyone. Of course, not everyone […]

EA Gamescom conference live

Electonic Arts is having their pre Gamescom conference streamed live at The host just said that Bioware will have two big announcements during this conference. We’re watching the live stream and will keep you updated as things happen. First look at space combat. Video of space combat available at Trailer is available at […]