Monthly Archives: August 2010

Zabrak Trooper

Swtor Station, German fansite, reported that there were Zabrak troopers available for play during GamesCom hands on event. We were going over our footage of the first two days. Guess what? We have some images for you:

Another SWTOR GamesCom booth gameplay video

By popular request, we bring you another video from Gamescom 2010 hands on experience. It shows some gameplay from the trooper and smuggler as well as a cutscene of the Sith Inquisitor. There is a brief glimpse of very cool feature where the map goes transparent when you move your character. Hope you enjoy it.

Some community questions answered

In a thread we started on the official forums before GamesCom, we collected some question from the SWTOR community. There was an overwhelming number of questions and although we would like to be able to ask all of them we were happy to get answers to at least a few. The focus of GamesCom is […]