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Smuggler trailer leaked

Guys at just released a Smuggler class trailer video as part of their new show called Machinima Realm. They got the privilege to release this video a day ahead of everyone else, which probably means that this video was going to be this Friday’s update. The question is: now that the Friday update has […]

New Date for the Aion Character Transfers

You have probably noticed that this week’s character transfers have failed. Tamat has explained via Twitter that the reason for this delay was technical nature:

We had to postpone transfers due to some technical difficulties. We will have a new date for the transfers ASAP

And the new date for the transfer is 16/09/2010.

We will be bringing the Aion servers down at 16/09/2010 05:00 CEST (more) for maintenance. The previously scheduled Character Transfers will be run during this server maintenance.

The maintenance is estimated to take no longer than 2 hours.

We hope everything will go smoothly this time.

Aion Summer Event: Scorching Heat

Tamat has announced that Atreia Summer Event – Scorching Heat is officially on its way, beginning this Wednesday September 15, until October 13. If you don’t know how to get the Scorching Heats don’t worry. Like the Korean version of the event the Scorching Heats will be earned automatically while online. You can expect to see one every 20 minutes of online play. Additionally, you can get white and black dyes as well. The quest NPC (located in Sanctum and Pandaemonium) are marked with a red quest indicator on your map.

Rick Damland of the Atreian Weather Service has just informed us that summer is officially on its way, after a record breaking four month long spring. The report indicated that beginning this Wednesday, September 15, until October 13, all of Atreia will experience scorching temperatures, which will finally give female MuMus an excuse to wear those hideous bikinis.

It’s getting hot in here, so put on summer clothes! When summer begins on September 15th, you’ll be rewarded street cred scorching heat automatically as you adventure. As you collect scorching heat, you’ll be able to purchase frozen boxes to help you keep cool. These boxes can be used to claim swim suits, coins, polymorph candies and even dyes. Make sure to stay hydrated, Daevas—we’ll see you in-game!

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Eye on the latest Aion bugs

With the latest Aion update Assault on Balaurea several bugs have been noticed:

  1. Players with Error 72
    Some users have been able to resolve the issue by manually downloading .patch files and deleting “scanned.dat” in the Aion install directoryfiles from their Aion directory. We have received clearance to offer this as a solution until the launcher has been pushed with a current fix. To download the patch files follow the links:
  2. If you are continuing to experience errors in download please contact Customer Technical Support by e-mail at
    Call by Phone: Phone customer service for billing and technical issues from Monday through Friday, 12 noon to 5 p.m. CT, by calling (512) 225-6359. Phone support for in-game issues is not available.

  3. Can’t Use Skills
    Some of you are experiencing this due to the launcher not updating correctly this morning. This is a network issue and the network operations team is working resolving this. Please try to update and repair again to see if this resolves the issue for you.
  4. I just got Kicked from the Server
    Sorry guys there was no way to warn you. The reboot of an auth server shouldn’t have kicked you from the server at all.. but it did. Servers themselves weren’t being rebooted. The auth deals with logging in. You should be able to log back in normally.
  5. 2.0 crafting question
    The craft window used to contain a number next to a recipe that indicated how many of that item you could craft/morph based on the materials you had available in your inventory. This number seems to have disappeared with the 2.0 update.
    It looks like a UI bug where the number is getting cutoff.

If you have noticed any other bug just let us know and we’ll try to find an answer.