Monthly Archives: October 2010

SWTOR Community Halloween

It’s Halloween and everyone is enjoying a good scare. To celebrate, Joanne Laroche invite The Old Republic fans to post their Halloween Star Wars related costumes on the forums. The best costumes will be featured in the upcoming Fan Friday and we took the liberty of singling out a few of these in the […]

Weekly Poll: What do you think about Aion Harvest Revel Event?

A few days ago Harvest Revel Event has started. I must admit it’s definitely an improvement from the last event. Rewards are much better and grouping and chasing down Sugarcrooks is really fun. So, what do you think about Aion Harvest Revel Event?

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.

Imperial Agent Full Disclosure

One of the more interesting classes of the Sith Empire got some Friday Update love yesterday. Imperial Agent is a mix of stealth, healing and high DPS, which is not something you see often in a class. The agent can specialize to be an Operative for close range combat/healing option or a Sniper for all […]