Monthly Archives: November 2010

Aion Level Up Mini-Event

Today NCsoft has announced a mini-event the Assault on Balaurea Level Up Weekend. If you plan to try Aion or to roll a new character this is the perfect moment because you have a chance to win a new Alienware M11x Laptop!

Just register and sign up for the Level Up weekend, and get one character to level 6 between 9:00 pm on Friday, November 19 through 9:00 pm Sunday, November 21. Each qualified registration is entered to win the Alienware M11x Laptop!

Once registered, your character’s level will be tracked during the event on the Alienware Arena Competitors page! This is a great chance to follow your progress during the event.

Bioware Teases the Big Announcement With Codes

All Bioware Twitter accounts just broad-casted links to images containing bar codes that you can scan with your mobile phone. You can find them at and . Codes, when scanned provide a string of binary numbers 001101010011010100101110001110000011010000110101 0010110100110001001100100011100000101110001101011011000001000110 I made a small PHP script that converts binary to decimal and than decimal to […]

Important News Incoming?

Patrick Buechner, Bioware’s VP of Marketing Tweeted the following yesterday: Bioware fans pay attention RT @geoffkeighley VGA rumors…We’ll share two world premiere announcements on Wednesday with many more to come. Some assumed that this might be related to some Dragon Age or Mass Effect announcements, but the following tweet hints that it will be about […]