Monthly Archives: April 2011

Trip to Austin Live Blog (updated)

I feel like a participant of a certain road trip movie. Destination: creator of a Star Wars Universe; time of departure: right about now. Comic relief best buddies and a potential love interest are missing because I am flying this one Solo (Millenium Falcon not included).   What sounded like a dream of a distant […]

Forum Friday: It’s Easter!

So with this week at work being crazy, packing for my non-SWTOUR trip into North Carolina country, this weeks Forum Friday has been pushed back a week. I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone too much, but I think there will be enough talk and chatter from whatever happens on the Update today.   To all […]

Jawa’s Revenge Webcomic

What can make a MMO great is its community. If this was the only standard TOR was judged for it would be pretty high up in the standings. The fan art we see on the forums and during regular Fan Fridays is absolutely amazing. We see a bunch of great community made fansites providing original […]

Fan Site Summit community questions

As part of the upcoming Fansite event Bioware is hosting at their offices in Austin, Texas, we will be interviewing developers during the day. Having a crafting expert among our ranks dictates that we get as much information about Crew Skills as they’ll let us have. This, in turn, pointed us in a direction of […]