Monthly Archives: April 2011

Fan Site Summit Q&A

To maximise the quality of questions submitted by TOR fans, I’ll post a copy of what I’ve just posted on my blog SWTOR-UK here. You are welcome to post question here or on my site.   Although there will be group Q&A with the SWTOR Dev’s, I’ll have 15 mins worth quality of time with […]

Things to Know About the Upcoming Fan Site Summit

Here’s a list of preliminary thing that we can share about the upcoming Fan Site Summit Event Bioware is hosting in their offices in Austin, Texas. This is the first such event where only fan sites are invited. There are as many European as there are US based fan sites attending. The official Twitter hash […]

Bioware! is in Ur Base! (well, not yet but almost)

  As it is finally the 18th in my time zone, I can now officially announce that representation from¬†¬† will be going to Bioware headquarters in Austin, Texas to take part in an on site, fan site event held by Bioware. The event will start on the 24th and last through the 26th of […]