Monthly Archives: April 2011

Flying Celestial Jawa Speeders

  Usually when I wake up in a good mood and begin pouring over twitter, facebook, swtor, swtor-life, darth hater, CRR, MER, etc…  it only takes about 15-20 minutes of reading before my mood is shot to shit and I develop an urge to commit homicide by tossing swtor forum members into a Sarlacc.  Today, […]

UK PC Gamer May 2011 SWTOR Issue

The upcoming PC Gamer May edition has a 6 page special on the Old Republic. PC Gamer staff had a chance to sit down and play the game for two days in an epic 17-hour long gaming session. They got to play the Bounty hunter and Imperial agent starting worlds as well as some PvP […]

Forum Friday: SWTOR + Razer Switchblade?

My original post for this weeks edition was all written up and all I had to do was type it out. So what happens? My brain starts thinking about things that would be nice to have in edition to playing Swtor and I had a post ready to go on the forums. I head over […]

Swtorcrafter’s view on Datacrons and their possible impact in Star Wars The Old Republic.

One of the big items of news that came from the UK player event SWTORGB, that I especially liked was the information we got on the mysterious “Datacrons”.  Credited by Daniel Erickson as the first known person in a community play event to discover one, “Kandycane” brings us this tidbit on the discovery and it’s […]