Monthly Archives: May 2011

K’oyacyi, Ner Vode!

Su cuy’gar, ner vode.  Ibi’tuur copaani miit’gaanar be kebi meg vut’yc par ni, bal balyc par an beroyase – Mando’ade bal val joha, Mando’a.  Still with me?  Fret not, for it shall all be made clear momentarily!   Those of you familiar with Karen Traviss’  “Republic Commando” series may have already had some exposure to […]

My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels…?

Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid dropped by the forums this week to discuss SWTOR servers and languages.  Would it bother you if your server did have a fair number of people on it who spoke something other than your primary tongue?   Read on for Stephen’s thoughts on the matter: Before we get into […]

Bioware trailers have story

My first hands on experience with The Old Republic was playing the trooper for 15 minutes at GamesCom 2010. Ever since then I have been leaning towards choosing to play this class once the game comes out. This is why today’s update, that shows us the Trooper class progressions video trailer, is very exciting (beside […]