Monthly Archives: July 2011

Tuesday Release for SWTOR? You Decide.

Today from twitter we see what appears to be a hint from the “Conductor” that SWTOR intends to stay with the traditional pattern of a Tuesday release.  From the tweet interaction of Alejandro141614 to Stephen reid of Bioware we get this hint….. On twitter Alejandro141161 asked Stephen Reid: are you guys trying to hit a […]

Esseles instance trailer – Epic Story Gameplay

Month of July will be remembered as special because none of the Friday Updates were a Fan Friday (although I think Fan Site spotlights are a great idea and Biware should make sure those continue – they mean a lot to hard working fansite people). It will also be remembered as a month that ended […]

TOR CE Fuss About Nothing

Before I get into this anyone who whines about the CE being too expensive and are from the US “SCREW YOU ALL”.   *Rant Set To Maximum* You already have one, if not the lowest priced CE additions on earth how dare you. You only pay $150, I’m paying £129, which is around $200. And […]

Gamestar Magazine Interview With Gabe Amatangelo About Operations In SWTOR

According to Cebo in his thread on the official forums for Star Wars the Old Republic MMO, Gamestar Magazine had an exclusive interview with Gabe Amatangelo from Bioware regarding “operations” (Bioware’s term for raiding in it’s MMO) .  He talked about different sizes of operations, plus he also revealed that there would be adjustable difficulty […]