Monthly Archives: September 2011

Galaxy and Starships

  I loved the galaxy map in Mass Effect. It was just Sci-Fi enough to make my nerdy senses tingle. We heard before that there will be a similar map in The Old Republic as well. This Friday update brings us an unexpected new feature on the official Holonet portion of site – an […]

SEX and RP

((The RP XP with MJ #6 – Sex and RP))       The bounty hunter released the Twi’lek’s chin and let her head fall forward. “She’s out cold.”   Agent Jenla Ruf smirked, disappointed. “Maybe we should just kill her.”   Boarsch looked down at Yulel, her orange skin now pale except for the […]

Your Beta Invites – They Are Wrong

  If you are like me and woke up to find a couple of emails from EA/Bioware mentioning SWTOR game testing – do not get your hopes up. There has been a mistake in the Bioware offices last night and a huge number of emails were sent to members. One of the emails asked […]

European Beta Testing Starts

September was not a particularly good month for beta testing of The Old Republic. There were problems with executing the planned Beta Weekends and there was considerable downtime because a new build was being prepared for testing. This caused even further delays to larger scale European testing. With only 1 and a half days left […]

TOR Lore- History of the Rakata

The Rakata a.k.a. The Builders One of the things that I loved most about the original Knights of the Old Republic game was the deep, rich story it weaved. It took a virtually untouched area of the Star Wars timeline and created a setting just as touching and moving as the original movies themselves. One […]