Monthly Archives: November 2011

SWTour embargo/NDA lifted

  Quietly the embargo for the Fan Summit #2 dropped today. When I say quiet, I mean that we didn’t get an announcement about incoming media blitz. What we have gotten is a volume of posts that are making me try to prioritize for myself. Not only do we have the North American sites, we […]

Firing Your Own Canon

((The RP XP with MJ #13))     Padawan Tarik sat next to the smuggler Yulel in the passenger compartment of the Regail. His eyes fell upon the Twi’lek spice runner with adoration beyond the simple recognition of her abilities and strength of survival. He dabbed at a scrape on the side of her face […]

TOR Lore: Mandalorians

There is no culture in the Star Wars universe that defines the phrase “Survival of the fittest” more than the Mandalorians. This warrior culture has proven time and time again that it is war that drives them in the universe. Yet they do not engage in battle because of blood lust, or any great desire […]

Big Beta Weekend Dated and Other Beta News

  Hundreds of thousands of beta keys for Star Wars: The Old Republic have been handed out through various web sites over the past couple of days. It was near impossible to get into the beta just a couple of weeks ago and now everybody seems to be given a chance to preview the game […]