Monthly Archives: November 2011

Galaxy’s Most Wanted: Adaram

It’s that time again folks. Time to add another name to the wanted list. This week’s most wanted goes by the name Adaram, old timer, ALTaholic, and all around great guy.   What’s your name and/or handle? Adaram   Age? 43   What is your occupation in real life? CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a […]

RP in SWTOR: A Review From Beta

((The RP XP with MJ – SPECIAL REPORT)) Behold, my very first RP in SWTOR. Thank you, Tyliana, whoever you were.   I’m a dedicated heavy RolePlayer. So, what do you think I wanted to test first upon setting foot in the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic?   Yup. Crafting.   Nah, just […]

What is in a name? -James Ohlen Reveals The Legacy System in SWTOR

James Ohlen (updated) Hey Everyone, This build has our first iteration of the Legacy System! At its core the Legacy system is about allowing players to create a family tree of characters. Family is pretty important to the Star Wars universe, with the Skywalker family having one of the most interesting dynamics in movie history. […]