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Seasonal monsters coming with Aion 3.0

Seasonal monsters Aion 3.0
Aion 3.0 trailer introduced weather system that will be added to housing zones. Seasons will change depend on in-game date and new monsters and mini-events will be connected to it.

  • Spring season from March to May
  • Summer season from June to August
  • Autumn season from September to November
  • Winter season from December to February



Monsters will appear randomly on specific locations:

  • For Elios in Elian Housing Zone
  • For Asmodians in Pernon Housing Zone


Killing these mobs will rewards players with random drop of “whale mount”, packs of house decorations as well as crystals and eternal quality leafs.
Source – Daeva’s Report

DCUO Basic Guide to DPS

With the FOS raids out, it has become very clear as to who knows how to play as DPS and who doesn’t. FOS raids require good, competent and skilled DPSers to be able to complete them within a reasonable amount of time and heartache. Thus I thought I would write a BASIC DPS guide (for raiding) for existing and new folks. So if you are doing half the dmg of experienced players in Raids, read below and learn the basics around DPS. Continue reading

We stopped putting food out under the bridge……

@BraxKedren to @dawnsrose: What should/could Bioware do to clean up their forums. @Drast_SL to @dawnsrose: Why anonymity makes most people a douche bag.   Do you avoid official forums, or even some of the fan sites due to the level of negative interaction you get from comments?   I know I do. I have found […]