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Global Cooldown UI Customization On Its Way

BioWare elaborated on their promise that global cooldown customization features will be coming soon in a recent developer blog by Stephen Reid. He had this to say on the matter:   This week several user interface changes were made as part of patch 1.1.2, including some that changed the look of the ‘global cooldown’ animations. […]

Make your RP five times stronger with the senses

((The RP XP with MJ #25))   Yulel slowly lifted her head and tried to open her eyes, but something was wrapped tightly around her eyes and pinching her lekku to the back of her head. A blindfold.   She didn’t remember much beyond running and gunning. That damn Gand pilot had dropped her right […]

Aion Free to Play account transfer

Gameforge announced that NCsoft will transfer control of Aion service in Europe to Gameforge later in February 2012. To continue playing your European account after the transition, you must consent to allow the transfer of your account information from NCsoft® to Gameforge. If you agree to transfer your account, you will receive veteran status in the free-to-play version of Aion.
For more information about account transfer to the Gameforge server visit


TOR Lore: Holocrons and Datacrons

Datacrons, Holocrons, Noetikons, it seems like The Old Republic is full of just about every variation of the ‘cron there is. Datacrons in particular have become some of the most sought after items in the game with the permanent stat boosts they hand out to those lucky enough to track them down.  Today we are […]

Global Cooldown Changes Coming Again, Player Transfers to Public Test Server On Their Way

That’s right, even after being updated in Tuesday’s patch there are more changes on the horizon for the global cooldown animation.   Ever since the cooldown animation was updated in 1.1.2 their has been a growing group of players who have been disappointed with the change. The white flash of the abilities as they enter the cooldown […]