Monthly Archives: March 2012

Stephen Reid Weighs in on In-Game Events

During the Guild Summit it was announced that Game Update 1.2 will include, among many other things, that players can expect to see some in-game events starting up. Now the details as to what these events will be and what players can expect to see from them is scarce, but recently SWTOR’s Community Manager, Mr. […]

No Server Downtime on March 27th

It’s the time of the week for you regularly scheduled server maintenance, but with a nice twist this week.   The servers will not be going down at all so no need to stop your play session for some updates! Just keep on swinging those lightsabers and fireing those blaster folks, because the fun just will not […]

March 23rd Community Q&A

It’s time again for one of my favorite features on the SWTOR official site, Community Q&A. This week we learn a little about why Commandos and Mercenaries don’t get an interrupt ability, if there is going to be a longer period of time before hitting the “enrage timer” on certain operation bosses, if we are ever going to see […]

SWTOR Developers Talk Family Trees, Legacy System

  The latest Developer Dispatch out of BioWare is all about the Legacy System and the updates it will be receiving when 1.2 finally drops on the live servers. None of the information coming out of the video is anything that hasn’t been talked about before, but it is always nice to see some of these new […]

Building Your Story Part II: Scripting

((The RP XP with MJ #31))     The Zabrak Padawan made his way through a back alley of Coruscant’s Old Galactic Market with the body of his shrouded master cradled in his arms. Tarik glanced over his shoulder at the Rattataki woman behind him, barely registering her on-guard posture and the long lightsaber hilt […]