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Building Your Story Part III: Directing

((The RP XP with MJ #32))   Jenla Ruf sat outside the Boarsch home and brooded under the hood of her cloak at the yellow rain coming down and splashing in the rust muddied puddles all over the village on Hutta. Inside, her Mandalorian lover worried over his sister’s existence.   “Why bother with these […]

William Wallace Talks Legacy

Today William Wallace, Senior Game Designer for SWTOR, posted a nice long Developer Blog talking all about the Legacy System. Players who have been following the development of the Legacy System and all the news since the Guild Summit may find a lot of the info presented here to be a re-hash of what they […]

Interview with Adam Christensen about Aion 3.0 and F2P model

Aion Producer Adam Christensen answers questions about Truly Fee Aion Free to Play model and new features coming to Aion 3.0. Truly Fee Aion model will allow players to experience all the content with full unrestricted access – no increased instance cooldown and full access to Aion 3.0 content which means new level cap from 55 to 60, new content, 600 new quests, 2 new zones, 6 new instances, housing system and stylish mounts. Aion Ascension launches April 11, 2012.