Monthly Archives: March 2012

First Videos From Guild Summit Made Public

BioWare released the first two videos of the Guild Summit┬ápanel┬átoday. Both the Operations and PvP videos were released, making these excellent views for any end game player who is wondering what they can expect from update 1.2 and beyond. BioWare will be releasing more of the videos next week. Keep an eye on swtor-life for […]

New SWTOR Podcast Straight from the Developers

BioWare had a nice full day of surprises in store for players yesterday, and this one may have been the most unexpected of them all. The Developers have decided to start their very own podcast, with developer interviews and news straight from BioWare.   The first episode launched yesterday and is focused around the combat […]

Gabe Amatangelo Talks PvP in 1.2

  PvP is going to be changing in 1.2. Now this is no surprise for most players, BioWare has be very vocal about their desire to improve on PvP with the launch of their newest game update. But some players (myself included) may be wondering exactly what that means. Sure, some info has been made […]

March 30th Community Q&A: A 1.2 Discussion

This week’s Community Q&A was all about the developers bringing players the answers to some of the most burning 1.2 questions they have come across, and boy did they deliver. This week’s article is chock full of all kinds of 1.2 goodness, including what has been my favorite response to a question since the Q&A […]