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Happy 100th Tor Wars

   Out of all the fan sites that are out there TorWars.com is one of the most professional, the most dedicated, the most fun and, as of late, without rose-colored glasses (thank you Darth Sunshine) SWTOR fansites out there. They have reached a huge milestone by doing a 100th podcast and congratulations are in order. […]

New SWTOR Podcast Straight from the Developers

BioWare had a nice full day of surprises in store for players yesterday, and this one may have been the most unexpected of them all. The Developers have decided to start their very own podcast, with developer interviews and news straight from BioWare.   The first episode launched yesterday and is focused around the combat […]

Slow News Day

Click on the image for full resolution version Compared to the excitement of the past 10 days it seems as if though today is a rather slow news day when it comes to SWTOR. Being Wednesday we got the above screenshot released on the official TOR Facebook page.   In other news … BioWare’s Alexander […]

Community Tip of the Week

Community surrounding The Old Republic keeps growing and we have reached a huge number of sites and different projects that devote themselves to following SWTOR. I think I’ve seen Tor Syndicate, a gathering of most TOR sites/guilds out there, reach 80 members the other day and it still keeps rising. It is nigh impossible to […]

TOROcast episode 3

Guys at http://theoldrepublic-online.com/ released the 3rd installment of their weekly SW:TOR podcast. The dynamic duo, Musco and SammMoney, get into a few debates having to do with last week’s race discussion, open world, or linear gaming, they cover the announcement of Ord Mantell, and sound very excited about Threat of Peace Issue 4. You can listen to their podcasts at their site or subscribe to their feed here. We’ll also continue to follow their podcast and let you know when new ones become available, the guys are just that interesting (oh yeah and they still play Warcraft 3, which is a big plus in my book ).