Monthly Archives: March 2012

Zoeller Drops Some 1.2 Knowledge Bombs on the Forums

With all the information that came out of the recent Guild Summit it is only natural that players are looking for some clarification on all the various tidbits that have been released. Ever since the summit the SWTOR forums have been flooded with post from people looking for info, wanting more details, and the inevitable […]

March 13th Server Maintenance

It’s time again for our weekly SWTOR server maintenance. The servers will be down fromĀ 2AM CDT (12AM PDT/3AM EDT/7AM GMT/8AM CET/6PM AEST) and are expected to be back up around 10AM CDT (8AM PDT/11AM EDT/3PM GMT/4PM CET/2AM AEST-Wednesday). All servers will be offline during this period as BioWare performs their weekly updates and bug fixes. […]

TOR Lore: The Sith Emperor: Part 2

Last week we took our first look at the life of the mysterious Sith Emperor from the time of his birth up to the point when he arrived at Dromund Kaas as the leader of the Sith. Today we will finish looking at what we know of this mysterious being and his life after arriving […]

An RP Perspective on the Legacy Patch and Beyond

((The RP XP with MJ #29))     Darth Tagious stood over the corpses of six Republic soldiers and sneered through a rasping exhale. A jutting steam pipe nearby added to his hiss, the sound echoing off the rusty tubular chambers of the Works deep within Coruscant.   He angled his head up, his piercing […]

Razer Gaming Gear Giveaway at SWTOR Spy

   There are moments in your gaming life when all you can say is “Epic”. That is what I muttered when I opened the box Razer was so kind to send us. It contained the gear seen on the image above; SWTOR themed, high quality, gaming peripherals. We already reviewed the SWTOR Mouse and I, […]