Monthly Archives: May 2012


In light of the most recent news coming from Electronic Arts, Bioware and Star Wars: The Old Republic camps I have come to the conclusion that it is time to change the direction and the intensity of my involvement in the SWTOR community and my support for the companies that made this game. We will […]

Dune Bantha Story

   Weird sequence of events led me to have my main SWTOR character on a PvE server called Dune Bantha. I initially started playing Republic with my wife on a server some of my SWTOR Life buddies played on, but my wife soon quit due to annoyances in the game she couldn’t pass over and […]

Stephen Reid No Longer With BioWare

What was only a rumor yesterday was confirmed today, Stephen Reid was one of those affected by the layoffs at BioWare. He confirmed this morning via Twitter and Facebook that he was let go from the company, a sad state of affairs for anyone who looked to him as one of their primary sources for […]

Too Soon?

   Based on today’s news about layoffs in the SWTOR team, an article I read about what it was like for Mythic employees after Warhammer launched and Patrick meme.