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I had an enormous privilege to walk the halls of Bioware, Austin development studio in its best days. All the razzle dazzle aside (so much cool stuff could be seen) there was one thing that made me feel certain we are going to have an amazing game on our hands. It was all the hard […]

IGN Drops Some Details On Game Update 1.3 gave us one of our first looks at what players can expect out of game update 1.3, also known as the “Allies” update. The major features of this update are a group finder, augment tables, new legacy perks, and the big daddy of the update; server transfers. Details about the update come in the […]

No Downtime For Server Maintenance This Week

BioWare has announced that we will not have to sit through a maintenance period this Tuesday. That’s right, feel free to play to your hearts content all week long! Here is the official message from the forums:   We’d like to inform players that we will not be requiring any downtime during our usual scheduled maintenance window […]