Monthly Archives: June 2012


   SWTOR had unscheduled maintenance downtime twice in two days after patch 1.3 got deployed. The reaction from the community was not too favorable, especially by the Australian players who were hit by the downtime during their prime time gaming hours. In fact, the reaction could only be described by the animated gif above. Me, […]

PvP Healers

   Now that patch 1.3 rolled out, bringing Ranked Warzones, there’s a lot more PvP activity in SWTOR. The one class I would not like to be in PvP is the healer. From my experience, as soon as I figure out who is the healer in a warzone I put a target mark on him […]


   There has been some vocal opposition to how Bioware designed some of the high level armor in SWTOR. I usually do not care much about the way armor looks because what some might find attractive others might find plain ugly. Still, every time I log into SWTOR the first thing I see is the […]

Server Transfers Reaction

   The day has come for my server to get a free transfer to Nightmare lands. The moment I found out about it was the moment I transferred. It was a painless process that took about 2 minutes. I had to repick my legacy name, but my character names were left intact. The best thing […]