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AION 3.0 Feature Trailer Mounts

With the upcoming Aion 3.0 Content Update, AION EU will receive a bunch of new features and one of the most interesting are mounts. Mounts can be acquired by speaking to the mount merchant or via crafting. There are various differences concerning the rarity and level which mainly show in speed. In addition to the normal traveling speed of your mount, it is possible to sprint for a short time if you are in a hurry.

Available mounts in 3.0:

  • Surfrider: A lively little Mount which reminds of a whale. You can see its bigger brother flying up in the sky of various starting areas like Altgard. This mount can be bought from the NPC and is suited for starters at level 30. There is also a level 60 version available.
  • Sharptooth: Biker feeling in AION. This fancy bike can be crafted and available for players at level 58. With a little bit of luck it is possible to craft a level 60 version.
  • Cirrusspeed: Surf on clouds. This fluffy pillow of clouds can be used at level 30.
  • Pagati: A dragon-like mount which is suited for players that reached the end levels. You can obtain this mount either as a drop from the last boss at Rentus Base or exchange Kahrun Symbols for it.

That FUUUUuuuu Moment – Part 2

   I wanted to talk about Voidstar bridges ever since the first time I played that warzone. I always thought that is brilliant level design; to put a huge canyon people can fall into (or be pushed into) while PvP-ing. I had my share of doing this to the opposition, but it doesn’t get easier […]

That FUUUUuuuu Moment – Part 1

   In the PvP game there are many moments that make you become FUUUU Rage guy. Some of these particularly stand out in SWTOR and I wanted to share the ones on top of my list with you guys. First – Voidstar.   

Alderaan Tactics

   Sometimes it just so happens that the PvP group you have entered behaves randomly for no apparent reason whatsoever. Situation described above actually happened to me several times and to this day I can’t get over the fact it actually happened. They could have said noooo – we will go our own way. Maybe […]