Monthly Archives: June 2012

That Feel in Huttball

   There are things happening in SWTOR’s warzones that I can never understand. I am a competitive guy by nature and when I see people doing things that are directly opposite of what can bring the win to your team I am just perplexed by the behavior. When this keeps repeating I actualy start finding […]

Character transfers start June 12th

Surge of The Old Republic related news is starting along with the appearance of patch 1.3 on the Public Test Server. The most awaited piece of news is certainly how will Character Transfer Service work and when will it start. Answers to both of those questions can be found at the official blog post on […]

New content for SWTOR announced at E3

During the pre-E3 press conference in Los Angeles, dr. Ray Muzyka announced the new content we will be seing in The Old Republic this year. It was not mentioned whether this will be a paid expansion or a patch update, but from the rumors it seems this will be given to players for free (unverified). […]