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Apr 29 2009

Guide to The Lost One

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The Lost One; Nemesis level 60, about 76500 moral,  is below the Sixteenth Hall, south-east of the Twenty-first Hall.

An advised group should be:
Captain (can be changed with a guard but i like the capt); Minstrel; Hunter; Hunter; Rune Keeper; Burglar

The main steps are:

  1. Step 1: remove all reflective jewelry, we don’t want bugs killing themselves.
  2. Step 2: Captain runs in the room and grabs aggro of the lost one, and begins to kite him
  3. Step 3: Minstrel throws a big heal on the Captain to grab all of the bugs aggro and begins to kite them
  4. Step 4: the hunters and runekeeper DPS down all mushrooms to keep captain and minstrel from being caught
  5. Step 5: after the group feels a comfortable ammount of aggro has been established by the captain, the stronger of the two hunters in the group begins to auto attack him, i advise endurance stance to ensure aggro is not taken, burg can begin attacking aswell, but should save conjunctions incase heals are needed as the minstrel does not want to stop moving.
  6. Step 6: once the lost one is at about 20k or so the 2nd hunter and rune keeper may begin to DPS him down, both hunters can now go into strength, burn hot at about 15k.
  7. Step 7: once the Lost One is dead kill the damn bugs and loot the lost one for his hide if you have the quest
  8. Step 8: loot the chests
  9. Step 9: turn in platinum coin =)


We would like to thank tizme for this guide.

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